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The Home Handyman to Remodel Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Do you want the kitchen and bathroom of your house to be remodeled? Because of how long you’ve had the same design and layout in these parts of the house, it might be time for a little change. For excellent results, have these rooms remodeled by a home handyman such as yours truly, Home MD Handyman Services. We can remodel kitchen areas and bathrooms in homes in Tacoma, WA.

Why Leave the Remodeling to Pros?

Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms (or any part of the home, for that matter) can be a challenge because of the fixtures that you will have to deal with. Sure, you can install curtain rods in the bathroom or move appliances in the kitchen area. But what happens if you want to move the plumbing fixtures, such as the toilet? Would you be able to disconnect it from the main plumbing system and reconnect it once you have found the right position for the toilet? It would be best to just leave the kitchen and bath remodels to a professional home handyman like us.

We Remodel Kitchen Areas and Bathrooms!

Our team of remodelers is trained to do kitchen & bath remodels for homeowners who want to make major changes for these parts of the house. We can do simple changes and remodels such as installing medicine cabinets, curtain rods, and towel racks for bathrooms and new countertops and islands for kitchen areas. We can also do complicated tasks such as repositioning plumbing fixtures like kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers and replace lighting fixtures for both rooms. Let us remodel the kitchen and bathroom for you, and we’ll get it done right the first time around.

Home MD Handyman Services is a home handyman that you can turn to when you want to make major changes to some parts of your house. Do you want to make improvements to the kitchen and bathroom in your house in Tacoma, WA? Call us at (253) 330-3841 now!

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