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Home MD Handyman Services
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 27 reviews
by Cheryl Williams on Home MD Handyman Services
True Professionals

This is one of the most dependable handyman repair companies that I have had the pleasure to work with. Their crew completed the project I had for them in accordance with my preferences, and in an efficient manner.

by Wayne Jenkins on Home MD Handyman Services
Excellent Services

I hired this handyman company to complete a major home repair job for me. They performed wonderfully and managed to impress me with the results of their work. I gladly recommend them.

by Raymond Jackson on Home MD Handyman Services
Outstanding Company

I finally found a company that offers a quality handyman service. I am very impressed by the approach they took towards every task I had for them and the quality they delivered. I will gladly hire them again.

by Jason King on Home MD Handyman Services
Thank You!

Thanks to the services of this home handyman company, my renovation project was completed without any hassle. They completed every job in a timely manner and everything turned out just the way I hoped it would.

by Maria Parker on Home MD Handyman Services
The Right Choice

I was searching for reliable handyman contractors when a friend pointed my attention towards these people. The company had a very nice website, and the reviews I read there were very positive. I hired them, and they did a great job. I wish them all the best.

by Myra Gomez on Home MD Handyman Services
Handyman Saves the Day!

I was in dire need of a handyman who actually knew how to fix things that I'm basically more or less clueless about. Luckily I found these guys, they made home repair feel a lot less painless and time-consuming than it normally is for me. Thanks, guys keep it up!

by Karl Voscovich on Home MD Handyman Services
They’re Pretty Handy

Great quality handyman service is hard to come by and I feel particularly blessed to have come across these guys. They sure helped me out by fixing my broken doorknob. They did it pretty fast too so I'm a happy client.

by Melodia Keller on Home MD Handyman Services

I just love how great these people were, for a home handyman they sure knew their stuff. I was pretty impressed with how fast they were able to fix my problem and how keen they were to detail.

by Travis Patterson on Home MD Handyman Services
Till We Meet Again

I can definitely see my self calling up these guys again the next time I’m in need of any handyman contractors. Great customer service and overall, they were great to work with considering how well they listened to instructions.

by Julie Anne Santa De on Home MD Handyman Services
Hassle-Free Repairs

I’m glad I contacted a handyman repair company to help me out with my kitchen cabinets. I never exactly have the time to try and fix it myself considering I have a rambunctious toddler who’s always clamoring for my attention. You guys made my life a lot more convenient.

by Gerardo Combista on Home MD Handyman Services
Time Is Gold

The handyman was great to work with and was very skilled with repairs. They were on time and were very professional about the whole ordeal and not to mention consistent with the amount of customer service they give you.

by Meri Santelima on Home MD Handyman Services
Great Service

Best handyman service I've gotten so far, I would highly recommend my friends and family to check them out if they’re having as much of a problem as I was with my office repairs.

by Donna Goldenhizen on Home MD Handyman Services

Thanks guys! The home handyman service I availed of was sure sweet enough to schedule me in on the day I called and they were able to help me out with my door hinges because I have no idea how I was supposed to fix the screws that came loose. Thanks again.

by Emilia Fitzgerald on Home MD Handyman Services
My Fave Contractors

The handyman contractors were competent and did really good work. We have a few projects that needed to be done in our home and we’re quite time-sensitive so it was great to have people around that actually valued your time and money.

by Armando Mack on Home MD Handyman Services
Loving the Quality of Service

Handyman repair is pretty hard and I got to give them props for being quick with their feet. They arrived on time and the work they did took around 3 hours which would have taken me 8, not to mention the rate was cost-affordable so I have no regrets.

by Irene Perez on Home MD Handyman Services
Thank You So Much!

This handyman team did an excellent job with our home projects. Specifically, they renovated our bedroom closets, installed several light fixtures, and repaired a problematic stair railing. The price was totally worth it, I would call them again!

by Marilyn James on Home MD Handyman Services
Great Service!

We received a fair quote for the work and were kept in the loop for the entire process. We will definitely hire these handyman contractors again as we continue to work on our home.

by Stephanie Powell on Home MD Handyman Services
Great Contractors!

Attentive to detail, extremely responsive, reasonably priced and professional from the beginning to the end. I originally called for a basic microwave repair but then I decided to have them check the basement. There was a minor leak I was ignoring for some time. I got a pretty nice quote. The final work was also great. Absolutely amazing handyman contractors!

by Tom on Home MD Handyman Services

Terrance is such an easy person to work with. he’s fast, fair and knowledgeable. He helped me clean my gutters and gave a reasonable estimate on painting them as well. he shown up on time and got right too work. He’s an all around great guy.

by Debra Thompson on Home MD Handyman Services
Quick and Efficient!

I would highly recommend these guys! I had problems with the washing machine and called them. I got a handyman repair appointment, they called to ask if 2 hours earlier is alright, they had the part on hand and fixed the washer in 40 minutes or something.

by Louis Martinez on Home MD Handyman Services
Amazing Service!

The man who came takes great pride in his work, and throughout the project, he went above and beyond to help us execute our vision, and then some more. He carefully removed, restored, and reinstalled my old baseboards and fixed an old plumbing issue. Amazing handyman service!

by Jose Kelly on Home MD Handyman Services
Just Wow!

His quality of home handyman work was wonderful. He had to cut into the drywall of our closet which had collapsed and put in a new stud. Then he got cleaned the carpet and now it looks better than ever.

by Andrew Lopez on Home MD Handyman Services
Call Them!

The man did a great job installing drywall in a tight closet. In addition, he was very friendly and easy to work with. If I ever need another handyman repair service, I will definitely call again.

by Albert Edwards on Home MD Handyman Services
Thank You!!!

Honest and smart. I called them for a second opinion on a dishwasher repair. The handyman came over and within 30 seconds made a diagnosis and resolved the issue. Thank you so much!

by Johnny Simmons on Home MD Handyman Services
Honest & Reliable for Sure!

Our refrigerator stopped refrigerating. Being the handy kind of guy I am, I isolated the issue down to what seemed like a bad compressor. This usually means that it’s not worth repairing but I decided to contact a handyman service just to be sure. I told my story and the guy gave me a $40 solution. He told me I should get a compressor relay and replace it to see if this is it. I did and that was really the problem. Thanks for your honesty!

by Joseph Wood on Home MD Handyman Services
I Am Amazed!

I didn’t know a home handyman does a better carpet cleaning job than a carpet professional but I guess I’ve lived long enough to see that. I called for a basic drywall patch up work and he offered to clean the carpet. Wow! I hope I won’t have to call for more repairs but I’ll definitely call for their carpet cleaning services. The drywall work was also on point!

by Totally Reliable! on Home MD Handyman Services
Totally Reliable!

If anyone in the area needs a good handyman, I absolutely recommend this company! They helped me with a few things over the last year, most recently it was for appliance repair. Every time I have called them so far they were very polite, helpful, and easy to communicate with. They have never been tardy for an appointment, which I absolutely appreciate, and their rates are very fair. I’m pretty clumsy and I break a lot of stuff, so it’s good to know I have professionals nearby I can count on. Very recommendable!

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